Michael J. Fox and Andrew McCarthy called. They want their hair back.

This morning I received a random Facebook inbox from a childhood friend, and it inspired me to look at some hideous old photos of what can only be described as "Helmet Hair."

I'm not sure I ever had a full blown mullet, but here are a few old school photos that may prove otherwise.

Here I am, attempting to "Rock Out."

All chicks dig a guy with wavy long hair...except this one.

Keeping my coif dry in NYC with an umbrella, ella, ella.

Every great hairdo deserves a bottle of Tequila.

My angry "Don't take my picture" Sean Penn phase.

Radio nerd with a great pocket comb.

And last but not least, a totally 100% hetero race on the beach with my groovy flowing tresses.

Now that I have humiliated myself, feel free to post your bad hair pics.