The Mt. View High School student who had her jeep hit with a portable toilet on Monday morning -- and is making national news, as a result -- called into the Z Morning Show on Tuesday.

Janelle Thornley, a senior at the school in Thorndike, said as she was driving her red Jeep Cherokee to school Monday morning when incident occurred.

"The porta-potty guy just came out the school, because he picked up at my school ... and it just fell off the back of his truck," she said, adding that said she has heard "a lot" of toilet jokes since it happened.

Janelle was very nice and a good sport! Other than a few bump and bruises, she is doing fine. Although she took the rest of Monday off (who can blame her), she returned to school on Tuesday.

After graduation, Thornley will be going to Central Maine Community College where she will play basketball.

You can listen to the full interivew here: