A lucky waiter or waitress will be getting quite the tip today.

34 year-old Seth Collins of Lexington, Kentucky is traveling the United States to pass along some serious bucks. Collins visits a family restaurant or casual dinning location and leaves a monstrous $500 tip. He says he typically visits locations where wait staff may not make much money.

The origins of his mission came from the tragic loss of his brother. Collins’ younger brother, Aaron died unexpectedly back in 2012. In his will he left a strange request. He asked his family to leave an 'awesome' $500 tip for a waiter or waitress. Aaron felt his parents never left generous enough tips. Even at 12 years-old, Aaron would dip into his allowance to boost the tip his family left at dinner outings.

Three days after Aaron's death, his family honored the request. They recorded the moment and posted the video online, where it instantly went viral. Seth found himself on Good Morning America, CNN and NPR. A Pay Pal account was set up to keep the $500 tips rolling country wide.

Seth was in Bangor Saturday for the Festival of Lights Parade. He enjoyed his first ever whoopee pie at Friars’ Bakehouse, had some lunch at Giacomo’s and tasted some brews at Nocturnem.

While en route to Portland on Sunday he stopped at a pub in Waterville, where he treated waitress Kelsey Crosby to a $100 tip.

When he leaves today's tip in Portland, Seth will have given away $41,000 in gratuity.