Once again Westboro Baptist Church nut bags look like morons.

WBC picked a bad day to picket. They set up camp outside of Ke$ha's show in Lincoln, Nebraska singing their own version of 'We R Who We R.'

Being WBC, they sang this 'lovely' tune:

'You think you're superstars  GOD HATES WHO U R Dear Lord, burn it up! It's about that time to finish up. We're so sick of their filthiness. They makin' it all lascivious. We're just talkin' truth. We're tellin' you bout the sins you do. You're selling your souls, warring on God, He's slapping you down, smacking you dudes. HARD! Stops your ears and blinds your eyes, God takes all your faceless pride, Looking sick and terrified You reap what you sow oh oh DUMB HO! Your hearts are turning hard, hard hard hard hard hard
God meant this world as ours ours ours ours ours  He'll tear it all apart You think you're superstars GOD HATES WHO U R!'

Ke$ha's crew took notice of the protestors and decided their song needed a lil pizazz. Ke$ha's backup dancers assembled outside and danced along to the song!

Sorry (not sorry) WBC, you lost this one.