It was such an amazing night at the Thomas Hill Standpipe, between the perfect weather and the incredible projection show from the Coaction Lab, I just had to record some highlights on video!

I was really hoping for clearer skies after they postponed last week's Standpipe Tour, but I certainly didn't expect incredibly warm temperatures and a cloudless horizon! I can't say that I've ever seen that many people climbing those 100 wooden steps at the same time. Often, you had to squeeze to get through! And, once I got to the top, I saw all ages, kids to senior citizens, enjoying the views and excited about what was to come.

The University of Maine's Coaction Lab didn't disappoint with their water-based projection show. Images of Maine's coastline, fish swimming beneath the surface, and even snow covered the side of the historic structure.

Thanks to Bangor Water District and the Coaction Lab for the best Standpipe Tour ever! (oh yeah...can't forget Mother Nature for a perfect night!)