Admit it, your dog is not just a pet, he or she is a party of the family! Why not celebrate the birth of your four-legged friend! Our dog, Milly turns six today! She's cute, huh?

We adopted Milly from the Bangor Humane Society after losing our precious beagle, Molly to cancer. I know, I know. Molly and Milly. We didn't name Milly, she came with the name. It doesn't matter! It was totally love at first sight!! This morning I thought it would be a great idea to surprise her by baking up some dog treats! You know it's love when you knead dough that smells like chicken liver.Here are some photos of my sweet baking skills!


The verdit? She loves them! I'm sure she'll have a few of these bad boys today. Plus, we're going to grill steak later. I might share!

How do you celebrate your dog's birthday?