More TV time for Maine.

Film crews for the Travel Channel show ‘Hotel Impossible’ have been working their magic on the Vacationland Inn, off Wilson St in Brewer. Production crews and local contractors spent September 16th through 18th at the inn, doing renovations and training up the staff with some new skills.

The 72 hour renovation will remain secret until the TV premier. One clue was given though, it's a large room in the hotel that's getting completely redone. The show is hosted by world renowned hospitality expert Anthony Melchiorri. Melchiorri works on staff training, communication and customer service.

‘Hotel Impossible’ has filmed all over the world, and in almost all 50 states. This will be the first Maine hotel on the show.

The fifth season of 'Hotel Impossible' airs October 7th. The Vacationland Inn episode is expected to air in late November.