Its always nice when our area gets some national publicity, other than when the Governor says something absurd/stupid/offensive. Recently, I have been seeing national TV commercials for a new air freshener with the scent of Autumn in Acadia National Park. It's a great ad, with beautiful aerial pictures of Acadia in the fall, bright orange and yellow leaves etc. But the narration talks about the crisp Autumn air "this" time of the year. HEY, we still have the touristas freezing their nubs off at Sand Beach. Its SUMMER, not  Fall. The pictures being shown seem to be late October, not August. So, thanks Air Wick! Tell the world that Summer is long gone here in Vacationland. Maybe for their next scent, they will have "Hulls Cove clam flats at low tide". Close your eyes and you will swear you are there!