I wanted to take a minute, as I gaze out at the swirling snow, to remember the folks who are out in this. The plow drivers who are battling through the rapidly mounting white stuff to keep our roads clear. The utility crews who are climbing up on poles in this impossible wind to restore power, so we can be warm. And to the first responders who are helping keep us safe, pulling us out of ditches, and braving the storm to answer our calls. To all of you, a resounding thank you!

Photo by Brandi Simons, Getty Images

Most of us have resigned ourselves to a weekend inside. We stocked the kitchen. Rented some movies to pass the time. And made sure we had supplies in case the power went out. But for some, a storm like this means more work. More emergency calls. Long hours stuck in the seat of a snowplow, trying to keep from sliding off the road. Freezing fingers and toes as they work on downed and disabled power lines.

If I could bring each and every one of you a steaming cup of coffee and a warm blanket, I would. But all I can say is thank you for all that you do! If you think of anyone that I've forgotten, or want to add your own thanks, post your comments below. Let's show our support for these amazing people!