Piracy, argg, booty!

Torrent Freak looked into what shows people love to watch, but not pay for. It's no surprise the list is topped by a wicked good program on a premium cable channel.

Most Pirated TV Shows of 2015:

  1. 'Game of Thrones,' 14.4 million downloads
  2. 'The Walking Dead,' 6.9 million
  3. 'The Big Bang Theory,' 4.4 million
  4. 'Arrow,' 3.9 million
  5. 'The Flash,' 3.6 million

The piracy tracking firm Excipio also chimed in with their findings on the movie front. Surprisingly 'The Martian' wasn't on the list! I guess it was so good you actually wanted to pay to see it!

Most Pirated Movies of 2015:

  1. 'Interstellar,' (2014); 46.8 million illegal downloads
  2. 'Furious 7,' (2015); 44.8 million
  3. 'Avengers: Age of Ultron,' (2015); 41.6 million
  4. 'Jurassic World,' (2015); 36.9 million
  5. 'Mad Max: Fury Road,' (2015); 36.4 million