Living in Bangor is a pretty cool thing. People who don't live here ask you if it ever stops snowing, if you've ever heard "King of the Road," and, of course, if you've ever met Stephen King.

Then there are the people who've moved away. Florida's probably pretty nice, but you know they miss the old Queen City. And then there are the visitors, all those people who fly in and out of Bangor International Airport or come to the summer concerts on the waterfront.

So, here are some unusual gifts for all of those people plus anyone who lives here and loves it!

  • Belt Buckle Vintage Map Bangor

    $33, decembermoondesign

    Keep your pants up in style. It's an aluminum belt buckle featuring a vintage 1945 map of Bangor that Include the Bullseye Bridge, Penobscot River, and more. Seriously, when's the last time you saw someone with a Bangor belt buckle?

    decembermoondesign via Etsy
  • Paul Bunyan Pillow

    $29.99, Lantern Press

    It's a 16 in. by 16 in. pillow featuring the city's favorite lumberjack. And yes, he's from here, not someplace in Minnesota. Everybody knows that. Anyways, you can lay your head right on this pillow and dream of Bangor.

    Lantern Press via Amazon
  • Bangor Maine Skyline Poster Art Print

    $18.95, AnInspiredImage

    These are some cool prints we found. Of course, you can get lots of different cities, but why would you want to? The Bangor print is cool. (There are actually a few different kinds.) Plus, you can pick from a bunch of colors.

    AnInspiredImage via Etsy
  • Pennywise the Clown Wallet

    $99, WorldofLeathercraft

    Pennywise lives beneath the streets of Derry, Maine (which we all know is really Bangor.) In fact, Bangor's Stephen King got the inspiration for the classic scene in which the evil clown appears in a storm grate when he was walking right on Jackson Street. Anyways, this custom wallet is very cool and would be a big hit as a gift for any King fan.

    WorldofLeathercraft via Etsy
  • Vintage Sing's Glasses

    $32, CuriousAndVintage

    Do you remember Sing's Polynesian Restaurant in Bangor? (There was also one in Westbrook.) Well, the Bangor location closed sometime in the 1970s, but here are some glasses to remind you of your first volcano bowl in Bangor.

    CuriousAndVintage via Etsy
  • Bangor Light Switchplate Cover

    $12.99, Lantern Press

    You've seen this aerial map before. You can get it in a print, on a towel or on a mug or just about anywhere else. But did you know you can have on a light switch? Neither did we. Once we found out, we thought we'd enlighten you.

    Lantern Press via Amazon
  • Bangor, Maine Mouse Pad

    $5.33, Black Pearl

    People still user mouse pads, right? Well, if you get one of these for the computer geek in your life, they can have their little mouse run all around the downtown.

    Black Pearl via Amazon
  • Stephen King Coffee Mug Bangor

    $47.99, knottyknitterdave

    Who wouldn't want to be greeted each morning by the soothing gaze of the master of horror himself? Plus, this coffee mug actually features King's hometown. Now, the post on eBay says this is very rare, so you'e better get to it if you want to give to someone this holiday season.

    knottyknitterdave via eBay