It's something to think about in this day and age, what would you do if a gunman came into your place of employment and started shooting?

This past Tuesday, Portland Police Chief Michael Sauschuck held a seminar at a business in his city on just that.  The seminar is part of a program called "Active Shooter Training", which offers advice on what to do when the bullets start to fly.

Basically you're to "run, hide and fight".

Step #1:  Get out of the building as fast as you can.

Step #2:  If you're trapped inside, somehow hide yourself behind closed doors, whether they're locked or not.

Step #3:  Fight for your life.  Take on the threat directly.  Make yourself a nuisance to the shooter.  Be something that he or she doesn't want to deal with. Even if it's just winging a stapler at them.

These are just a few simple instinctive steps to remember while you're in "panic mode".

The Chief mentioned how this scenario can happen anywhere.  For instance, back in 2008 when an armed man entered a school in Stockton Springs, and of course the horrible shootings in Newtown Connecticut.

Below is the video presentation that was shown this past Tuesday in Portland.