You better "toe" the line, or else.

For years, a trip to the Downtown Hotel in Canada, has had the unusual tradition of serving up a mummified human toe in a shot glass and your job is to not barf it back up. Tourists love the "sourtoe" and it's such a rite of passage, that drinking the shot down even comes with a certificate for you to take home and regret the next day.

A man known only as "Josh from New Orleans' broke the cardinal rule of the "sourtoe" shot...he swallowed it and for a hefty price too.

The bar charges a $500 fine for anyone who swallows the wrinkly, leathery digit. "Josh from New Orleans" did just that, put the cash and the bar and promptly split town.

The Downtown Hotel has upped the fine to $2,500, but needs a new toe...any volunteers?

Enjoy thhis video of the history of the "sourtoe"