Two more flicks open today to compete for your summertime movie dollar!

Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Kevin Jaems and David Spade return for more shennanigans in Grown Ups 2...which looks alot like Grown Ups 1...but hey whatever.

A pilot of giant robots called "Jaegers" must rise to the ocasion to battle equally giant monsters that have invaded Earth, in Pacific Rim

Here are showtimes for Bangor Mall Cinemas!

Despicable Me 2 11:30am/2:00pm/4:15pm/6:25pm/8:45pm 3D 12:30pm/3:00pm/5:15pm/7:20pm/9:30pm

Grown Ups 2 11:50am/2:20pm/4:40pm/7:10pm/9:40pm

Monsters University 11:15am/1:45pm/4:15pm/6:45pm/9:15pm

Pacific Rim 11:00am/4:35pm/7;25pm 3D 1:45pm/10:10pm

The Heat 11:40am/2:25pm/4:55pm/7:35pm/10:00pm

The Lone Ranger 11:45am/12:45pm/2:45pm/4:20pm/6:35pm/7:45pm/9:45pm

White House Down 12:30pm/3:30pm/6:50pm/9:55pm

World War Z 11:45am/2:15pm/4:50pm/7:30pm/10:15pm