As LL Cool J said 100 times Sunday night, 'the Grammy Awards are music's biggest night.' Two winners helped make 2012 a big year for Portland.

Mumford and Sons claimed the Album of the Year Grammy for their album 'Babel' Sunday night. It was much deserved, it's a great album! Last August Mumford and Sons played a historic show on Portland's Eastern Promenade. The show attracted 16,000 people to the park. The show was the first time the city used the property for a music festival.

The show boosted traffic to local restaurants, bars and other destinations in the city. Much like how the Waterfront shows have helped Bangor. The Eastern Promenade shows promise for future events in the location. The area could really help boost Maine's reputation in the music world. In addition, the Eastern Promenade has a capacity far greater than any venue in the city.

Another Grammy winner was the group 'fun.' fun. won the Grammy for Best New Artist and Song of the Year for 'We Are Young.' They played a show at the State Theater last Halloween. During their set, the group spoke in support of same sex marriage. Less than a week later, the bill was passed and soon Portland would be host to the first gay marriage in the state.

Check out the latest tune from Mumford and Sons!