Gardiner Police are investigating students at the high school, after reports of incidents of sexting between students.

Central Maine News reports that police have seized cellphones and are interviewing students. School administrators brought the issue to the police, reporting sexting through Instagram.

Sexting is the act of sending and receiving sexually explicit photos and messages, primarily through cellphones. In its most innocuous form, it can involve the exchange of those images between two romantic partners. However, they are often used as a way to try and entice a love interest who may not be receptive to the messages, or are even photos taken by a consensual partner who then sends them out to his/her friends.

The school's Superintendent, Patricia Hopkins, told the paper that no students have been suspended as a result of the investigation and that the devices involved were private phones, and not school laptops. She said the school offers courses that help teach students about internet etiquette and the many dangers of some practices online, including sexting.

Seized cellphones have been turned over to the Maine Computer Crimes Task Force. There's no indication about whether any charges may be made in connection with this case.