I love me some news bloopers...woooo!

I keep waiting for the day when Todd Simcox has a booger hanging out of his nose during a forecast. Until that glorious day happens, check out these funny TV news bloopers and be warned that a few of them contain some audlt language.

Before you watch, keep thse points in mind.

1. Don't swear when your mike is still on.
2. Don't try hot sauce while doing a newscast.
3. Don't mistake the giant pile of paper in your hand for an I-Pad.
4. Beware of angry cats.
5. Watch for drunken soccer fans...or football as they call it across the pond.
6. Be afraid of Howie Carr's pasty, hideous white legs.
7. Don't fart in the middle of a news story.
8. Always know when you are live on-camera.
9. Be aware of someone being smacked in the face with a soccer ball.
10.Never tell viewers that you sound drunk, when you may in fact, be drunk.