Do you have "Breaking Bad" fever?

I love this show and over the past few years, have tried to convince several friends and listeners to check it out. Some people devoured it like a pint of Ben & Jerry's, some thought it was too dark and depressing and some simply didn't have the time to sit and watch five seasons worth of episodes. I have told all of them, that it is better than anything you would fork over $8 to see at the movies.

Now, with only six gripping, tension filled "Breaking Bad" episodes left, people are putting together some very funny tributes to the show and I have singled out a few that I enjoyed.

Here is my favorite..."Breaking Bad" as a bland ABC sitcom. It comes complete with a cheesy opening theme song and a hideous laugh track.

The title says it all "Breakbad Mountain"

A T-Swizzle parody.

Even "The Simpsons" have got into the act.