6/10/14: Happy #ftt!

Today is a SUPER FUN #funtightstuesday! Since it's technically a dress down day for me at work today I thought I could get away with wearing leggings fit for my 7 year old!

Who doesn't love The Little Mermaid? Aren't I such a cool Mom? BWHAHAHA. She doesn't seem to get embarrassed of me yet!

5/20/14: Happy #ftt! I have been awake since 2:45AM today so I would much rather be wearing yoga pants!

However, #ftt is basically mandatory for me. I think I'm required to wear fun tights on Tuesdays for the rest of my life! HA!

Since I couldn't wear yoga pants to the office, I opted for animal print! I love opening a brand new pair of tights in the morning, don't you? The trouble is, I'll have a run in them my lunch! This #ftt thing is getting pretty expensive!


I totally spaced posting a photo last Tuesday!!! I did NOT forget to wear my fun tights though! Here is last weeks #funtightstuesday photo. Like 'em?

5/6/14: Fun Tights Tuesday started without tights today! I realized when I was getting dressed this morning that I left all of my brand new fun tights at the office. Needless to say, it was a little cold leaving the house without any tights on this morning.

Once I got to the studio I put them on! Loving these new ones by the way!

I thought it would be fun to sneak Kid into the shot today! He'll be so mad! Love it!


4/6/14: I'm mixing it up today and celebrating #ftt with color instead of a pattern!

It's all about BLUE today! I think they bring out my eyes! This is the other pair that my Momma bought me for Easter! Thanks, Mom!!!!

Coming next week: Brand new fun tights! I hit the jackpot on Amazon last week! So excited!!!

4/22/14: Happy RAINY Fun Tights Tuesday!

Today is my Monday so I almost forgot to wear my fun tights! Wouldn't that stink?!?

I'm wearing some SUPER FUN tights that my Mommy gave me for Easter! That's right, my Mom still gets me Easter presents! Lucky girl or what?!?! Good job, Momma! I have to admit, I get my love for fun tights from her! She's the Queen of fun tights! She doesn't wait for Tuesday though, she rocks them most days! Go Mom!!!


4/15/14 - It's Fun Tights Tuesday - Tax Day Edition! Are you getting a return? If so, go buy a bunch of fun tights and join me for #ftt each week! Trust me, it'll be the talk of your office!

Today was super exciting because I opened a brand new pair of fun tights! I think these are more like nylons, but I think I'll still call them tights! Like 'em?


See below for past photos ....

4/8/14 - It's Fun Tights Tuesday! Again! Today I decided to go for a pop of color rather than a fun pattern. Truth? I'm out of fun patterns. I did just order some on-line though, stay tuned!

See below for previous weeks ...

I thought about doing a big April Fools and coming out with some seriously ridiculous fun tights, but I just didn't have time to go shopping!

Here are my actual fun tights from today. I played it pretty safe because we have a corporate visit today.

Photo by ME #selfie

Also, nobody at work played along today. Bummer! What will it take to get people to participate?!?! Relax people! #funtightstuesday is FUN!!!!

Here are my fun tights from last week. Office appropriate? Maybe not. However, you can't see the hearts unless I pull up my dress and I promise I won't do that! :)

Comment with a photo of you wearing YOUR fun tights! Please?!?!

Photo by Sabrina Colson #selfie