The book has become a film!

I remember reading the book Lost on A Mountain in Maine when I was younger. Conveniently I hiked Katahdin a few weeks after reading it. Let's just say I was GLUED to my dad in fear of creating a sequel to the novel.

Great Mountain LLC is the studio behind the film that tells the story of Donn Fendler. Donn was 12 when he was separated from his hiking party on Mt. Katahdin. Donn was lost in the woods for nine days, while a search party desperately combed the mountain. The movie narrates the days and nights Donn spent in the Maine woods, and the 80 miles he hiked.

So far the film is only 20 minutes long, but will be a feature length film soon. The short film was made to give potential investors a look at the great story. Great Mountain LLC plans to start filming for the full length film next summer.

You can take a look at the short film at the scattered screenings around the state. August 9th at Maine Lakes Resource Center at 7pm, and The Grand theater in Ellsworth on September 28th. The short film will also be online in early October.

You can donate some cash to help fund the film here.