How long do betta fish usually live? I was just saying the other day that my daughter's betta fish, Spencer, has been alive for a year and a half and I was surprised he has made it this long. Until today.

I brought Spencer to work yesterday because I planned to bring him over to my boyfriend's house today. I think between the car ride and my chilly office, it did him in.

Here's the big question: Do I go to the store and buy Spencer's twin and pretend like nothing ever happened, or do I sit Bella down and tell her the truth?

It's Bella's birthday weekend, so I'm inclined to get a replacement betta and hope she doesn't notice. Is it really that bad to tell little white lies to your seven year old?

Comments are welcome! HELP!

Now to lighten the mood OR to make you think I'm a terrible person, here is a SnapChat video my co-worker took of me flushing Spencer down the toilet at the office. Talk about a productive Friday afternoon, huh?