I love to eat!  I used to like to smoke, drink and party until 4 a.m.  Now, I just like to eat. 

Sometimes with a little ambition, I even venture far from the La-Z-Boy recliner to find food.

"Out to Camp" is a good place to find eats, the Thanksgiving Day table is always reliable, and I can belly up to the trough at a good Chinese buffet for a couple of hours.

So, naturally I'm very excited about Five Guys Burgers & Fries coming to Bangor!

You have to love a restaurant that pretty much does one thing, and does it right!  That what Five Guys does.  Burgers and fries....and maybe a hot dog.  According to their website, GQ Magazine calls their burger "the best $5 burger a man can eat".  Man, am I looking forward to this!

Five Guys Burgers and Fries has been looking at the Bangor area for awhile now, and will be setting up shop at 878 Stillwater Avenue along side the entrance to Super Walmart.  Go ahead and try to tell me they're not going to sell burgers at that location.  The ketchup will be running down the street.  The restaurant will accommodate eighty people, who will be face down in the Cajun fries, the bacon cheeseburgers and bacon cheese dogs.

Five Guys should  be open for business by late winter, early spring.  They're already in Portland in the Old Port.  I can taste those burgers now.  I may have to get out of the La-Z-Boy, because I don't think that they deliver.