Since 2008, Taylor Swift has been dominating radio airwaves with one hit song after another. However, some of my favorite Swift songs never made it to the radio! Below you’ll find a top five list of the best T.Swift songs that never, ever made it to ever.

  • 1

    All Too Well

    You might have seen this heart-wrenching song performed at the 2013 Grammys. ‘All Too Well’ is the fifth track on Taylor’s fourth studio album ‘Red’ and although it has proven to be a fan favorite, the track was never released as a single for radio. Rumor has it this song was penned for former beau Jake Gyllenhaal. Regardless, it is a beautiful piece that all the heartbroken and nostalgic can relate to.

  • 2

    Better Than Revenge

    This sassy little tune came to us from Taylor’s third album, ‘Speak Now’. It tells the story of a less-than-pleasant girl who seduced Taylor’s man right out of her hands! A lot of Swifties believe this track was written about Camilla Belle who started dating Joe Jonas shortly after he broke up with Taylor. All that we can be sure of is this is an energetic tune with a lot of dancing potential!

  • 3

    Forever & Always

    This track comes from Taylor’s ‘Fearless’ album and is one of only a few songs from the album that wasn’t released as a single. ‘Forever & Always’ is supposedly written about Joe Jonas and contains a lot of harsh lyrics for him like, “Did I say something way too honest? / Made you run and hide / Like a scared little boy”.

  • 4

    Last Kiss

    Taylor is good at a lot of things but she is especially good at writing breakup songs— this one included! ‘Last Kiss’ is the 13th and longest track on the ‘Speak Now’ album. Also rumored to be about Joe Jonas, this song is a little more vulnerable than those previously mentioned. It’s a good post-breakup, curl up in a blanket and cry type of song.

  • 5

    State of Grace

    ‘State of Grace’ is not only the opening track for the ‘Red’ album but it was also the opening song for Taylor’s Red Tour. It’s got a fun, beat that is unmistakably different than the sound Taylor has previously been known for. Fans believe this song was written for Jake Gyllenhaal mainly due to lyrics like, “Just twin fire signs / Four blue eyes”.