Even more ways to kill free time on Facebook.

Wolfey here, your official Facebook corespondent. We're a few days into the launch of Facebook's new stand alone app, Paper. The app is the first product of Facebook's Creative Labs project, which promises more stand alone apps for Facebook this year. As we've seen in Facebook's past attempts in individual apps, this could be an uphill battle.

Facebook's app spin-offs have been hit or miss. 'Messenger' usage has grown by 70% in the past three months, according to CEO Mark Zuckerberg. 'Poke' however was dead on arrival. Facebook attempted to acquire the popular app Snapchat. When that didn't happen, they made their own app. 'Poke' didn't make even the smallest dent in Snapchat's user base. Another stand alone app fail was Facebook's separate camera app. It was an attempt to crush Instagram, but then Facebook bought them...so what ev's. Only time will tell if Paper will be a win or fail.

Let's take a look at 'Paper.' Facebook designed Paper as News Feed viewer with 'an immersive design and full screen, distraction-free layouts.' You basically can view News Feed videos, photos and longer written posts in a more organized layout. In addition to whatever flows down your feed, Paper lets you choose different interests. Pick a few categories like sports, science or design and you'll see personalized feeds on those subjects.

Will Paper replace the Facebook app? Probably not. Paper is cool but I don't see too many people leaving all-in-one-ness and comfort of the original app. Facebook does push notifications, friend requests and messages to Paper though. My thoughts on the app are similar to those of Facebook's executives, saying Paper is 'tailored for smaller audiences and won’t achieve blockbuster, billion-user success anytime soon.'

Paper really 'won’t achieve blockbuster, billion-user success anytime soon' because the only for iPhone users...not a great way to launch an app. Your iPhone better be newer too. Paper only works (for now) for phones newer than iPhone 4.

No word on when the app will be ready for Android.