August 23, 2014 - August 24, 2014
Delahanty and Airport Field
Millinocket, 04462 United States

Additional Information

10+ teams. 1 & 1 count with a free foul; ASA rules; $200/team; 7 guys 3 girls. Please message Jen or Steve Osborne on FB or cell 746 7823 to enter a team. Concessions will be open as well. The money will be used towards the familys' expenses on their trips to Boston for surgery.
Baby Bella has been diagnosed with craniosyntosis. This will require trips to Boston Children's Hospital where she eventually will receive corrective surgery. This surgery will involve the surgeons removing bone tissue from her skull to allow the plates of the skull to fit together properly. Currently the bones are overlapping and fused which could prevent proper growth of the skull and place pressure on her brain.