October 11, 2014 | 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Non-perishable food item
Steam Plant Park
300 College Ave, Orono, 04473 United States

Additional Information

Are you Pagan and proud?
Curious about what Paganism is?
Want to learn more about an alternative faith present in the community?
We invite all to come out to celebrate our diverse community and learn!

Price of Admission: A non-perishable human or pet food item
Activities include: Many Local Small businesses, craft vendors, workshops, travelling women’s red tent, travelling men’s blue tent, reiki tent, children’s area and a harvest ritual.

About Eastern Maine Pagan Pride Association
EMPPA is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering understanding of Paganism and building Community in Maine through education, activism, charity and community.

Eastern Maine Pagan Pride Association started out with two women who wanted to bring Pagan Pride to the Bangor, Maine area. It has grown in leaps and bounds to something much more than that. Together they have incorporated into a non-profit organization to not only organize Pagan Pride for the area but in hopes of uniting the pagan community.

A Pagan may be defined as someone who’s spiritual or religious practice or belief fits into one or more of the following categories: Honoring, revering, or worshipping a Deity or Deities found in pre-Christian, classical, aboriginal, or tribal mythology; and/or Practicing religion or spirituality based upon shamanism, shamanic, or magical practices; and/or Creating new religion based on past Pagan religions and/or futuristic views of society, community, and/or ecology; Focusing religious or spiritual attention primarily on the Divine Feminine; and/or Practicing religion that focuses on earth based spirituality.

Pagan Pride Day is celebrated all over the world!
Through education, activism, charity and community, the Pagan Pride Project promotes tolerance and understanding between people with different belief systems. If you are a Pagan, the project can help you find pride and confidence in your path. If you are not a Pagan, the project can help you understand your Pagan friends, coworkers, and family members.

Eastern Maine Pagan Pride Association (EMPPA)
10 Pinkham RD
Glenburn, ME 04401

Email: emppa@emppa.org