Well that escalated quickly.

FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!! North America’s largest deer species know how to scrap. Filmed in the wild, wild woods of Maine, these huge bull moose go at it in the road.

It's rare to see a moose (unless you travel route 11 in the county), rarer to see two at once and amazingly rare to see them fight. To film a moose fight...WOW!

As you can see these fella's lock racks for a few minutes of moose trash talk. One moose gives up and runs. In the process he looses his footing resulting in the impending beat down. The injured moose lays stunned on the ground for a while. It's a vivid picture of how incredibly powerful moose are. He eventually snaps out of it, and runs off.

We're only left with the question of how the fight started. Jokes about one another's rack size? Lady troubles? My money is on the whiskey...it can make a moose out of me.