Blow through a toll plaza lately? They will find you!

Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts are working together to track down out of state toll skippers. States aren't loosing millions in unpaid toll fees, but the dollars do ad up. Last year Massachusetts missed out on $932,000 in unpaid tolls from NH drivers, and $195,000 from vehicles in our neck of the woods.

States are now choosing their own penalties for toll trolls. Maine and NH now bar people with toll debt from renewing their vehicle’s license plates during annual registration period. Failure to pay in Massachusetts means motorists are blocked from renewing their driver’s license and registration.

States are also carefully deciding how vigorously they will peruse out of state offenders. Enforcers don't want to discourage the use of tolled highways, but don't want the issue left unaddressed. Maine will pursue New Hampshire drivers after they have missed 20 or more tolls. Drivers from Massachusetts will get a bill from the 207 after they rack up $10 or more in tolls.

Starting in Febuary 2012, Maine resolved 73 of the 101 payment requests to drivers in Massachusetts. $26,300 of $29,100 Maine was owed was recovered. 51 of 138 New Hampshire residents paid up, Maine collected $10,250 of the $28,400 it was owed.