Is Ellen the new Oprah?

Yes Ellen is funny and loves to dance (albeit badly) but she also has a charitable, heart of gold.

Sarah Hoidahl is a 22 year old single mom and waitress, who picked up to tab of two National Guard soliders at the Ruby Tuesday in Concrod, New Hampshire.

The solders were affected by the recent government shutdown and Hoidahl picked up the $27.75 tab and left them a thank you note for thier service to our country.

Ellen found out about this good deed via Facebook and when she found out that Sarah Hoidahl's TV was broken,she gave her a new 50-inch televison and then kicked in a $10,00 check for her kindness telling Sarah, "You're a good person" It seems as though Sarah took Ellen's catch phrase "Be kind to one another" to heart.

Check out the video from the Ellen Degeneres Show.