The generation gap is wide and deep my friends.

Sometimes a song or pop culture moment will cross all age groups, races, creeds and colors and become a phenomenon across the world. So with the #Selfie craze in full effect, it seemed like a great time to conduct a little social experiment.

The Chainsmokers tune, #Selfie, has been a global hit. The video has racked up over 70 million views and has been near the top of the charts and our own Top 5 at 5 for months now, but does it appeal to older folks?

In this amusing video, people of a ahem...advanced age are played the song and video and their reactions are mixed. Some people find it catchy and the entire selfie craze interesting, but most are totally baffled by the younger generation and it's wacky fads and music.

Now watch the video, but get off my lawn!!!