Here's something you don't see everyday.

Some subway performers are sketchey, some smell like pee and some are pretty bad at the instrument they play. Not this dude! TJ Mizell was born with skills and probably smells great. He's the offspring of the DJ legend, Jam Master Jay.

Perhaps Mizell was inspired Bangor's Party Panda, DJ t. k. Lo. T.k. Lo made waves in Miami at the Art Basel Festival pushing a shopping cart of DJ gear through the crowd.

Mizell powered up his gear with a car battery, and with the help of friends, quickly setup and played a set on a train. While crossing the Williamsburg Bridge into Marcy, Mizell dropped a trap remix of 'Tom Ford' and 'Show Me What You Got.'

Maybe I should try this. Coming soon  y'all, DJ Paul's Portable Porta Potty Party!