Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan you feel, the love tonight?! This dude is looking for love and a woman who can handle a gun. Those guns with the bullets. Mind out of the gutter!

Jeff Flaningham was recently on one of my favorite shows, 'Doomsday Preppers.' Jeff recently bought a decommissioned Atlas Missie base off the U.S. government. Jeff has been working to fix the place up and turn it into a suitable bunker in the event of doomsday. A missile base could probably hold up against anything doomsday brings, but whats missing? A lover!

My idea of a great woman is a lady with a great sense of humor, attractive, can have fun and appreciates my zombie nerdyness. Not too much to ask for! Jeff however, whats someone to love and take on the end of days with. In the latest episode of the National Geographic series he goes on some blind dates.

One woman, Serle McNeil, intrigues him with her military background. She's also quite easy on the eyes. Only drawback, when Jeff starts talking about his bunker, you can see she is a little creeped out. Serle says 'Beach property, yes! Missile silo, slightly crazy.'

Better luck next time Jeff! Hey, at least you can still leave the toilet seat up!