"Bully" is a very special documentary. It follows the stories of five schoolchildren and their families that are affected by bullying. The film will be shown this week at Husson College's Gracie Theatre and families are encouraged to attend together.

Professor Niko Jenkins, Coordinator of Ethics and Philosophy in the School of Science and Humanities will be hosting the event. It will include a presentation and discussion about the problem of bullying.

Professor Jenkins told me in a phone interview that it's not the mere teasing that it used to be. With social media and cell phones, bullying can go on 24/7, with children unable to escape it even when they're in their own homes.

This movie takes a brutally honest look into homes, classrooms, school busses, cafeterias, and principals' offices of these children who are being bullied. And it demonstrates how small instances of ridicule, labeling, and cruelty can have catastrophic consequences when unchallenged or unchecked and misunderstood. Professor Jenkins says it's important for kids and young adults to see this movie and learn how they may be taking part in bullying without even realizing it.

I've attached the trailer for this very powerful film. It will be shown at the Gracie Theatre on the Husson College Campus this Thursday, February 28th beginning at 7 p.m. For more information on the movement, log onto the Bully Project's website.