I've always been a fan of stories involving ghosts and other unusual occurrences and I have experienced some unexplained phenomenon in a home I once lived in as a child in Belfast.

I have to admit though, this story really caught my attention, especially considering some of the creepy photos and testimony are being documented by police agencies and medical professionals who seem to be completely credible.

This story involves claims being made by a family in Indiana.

Latoya Ammons has even been separated from her children by child protective services because of concern she and her mother were was abusing them. Yet she claims the entire family is tormented by demons.

The story has even gained the attention of Fox New's Bill O'Reilly because of the reported exorcism performed on the boy.

O'Reilly is so intrigued by the story, he stated last night, after finding the Police Chief's story credible, he would try to get the priest in for an interview.

So, I'm curious about what you think.