It seems like every year there is that one song, that for some reason captures the attention of mainstream America and holds on to it, in a vice-like grip.

Some of you reading this might say "Blurred Lines" or "We Can't Stop." You need to dig deeper. Those songs have just run their course and are over played. You need to up the cheesy factor and think "Gangnam Style," "Crazy Frog" or the reigning king ..."Friday."

The hottest song in Norway right now is "The Fox" by duo Yvlis and features lyrics like "The cow goes moo" and "The frog goes croak". There are also lyrics about dogs, cats, birds and elephants. It's a regular rolling barnyard.

By trying to explain it, I really can't do it justice.

And let's not forget these gems...

  • 1


    Rebecca Black
  • 2

    Gangnam Style

  • 3

    Crazy Frog

    Axel F
  • 4

    My Humps

    Black Eyed Peas
  • 5

    Barbie Girl