The battle of the boom is still raging.

A Bangor committee wants more research done on the waterfront sound debacles. Finding a happy medium between concert goers and residents near the venue is proving to be a huge challenge.

Most of the committee's recommendations call for continued research in sound levels so that regulations can be created. The research should help map out ways to contain the sound coming from the waterfront.

Ideas for containing the sound include a sound wall that may or may not contain the low-end frequencies that many complain about. The wall would be an expensive gamble and would have to be at least two stories tall. That of course ruffles the feathers of those who don't want the view of the river obstructed.

Other plans include:

  • Researching sound levels at similar outdoor venues and adapting their rules.
  • Adding regulations for sound levels to Bangor's noise ordinance and fining artists who break the regulation.
  • Lowering the sound by 10 decibels for one year.

Regulations would be tricky to enforce as many bands and artists may simply decide to not play in Bangor.