It's a new kind of 'clean energy.'

Energy drink sales have boomed over the years. Last year alone, the market took in over $12 billion! As an energy drink addict I plan of being as well preserved as Mick Jagger when I'm old. But now the market is expanding to health nuts.

Clean energy drinks are starting to make their way onto supermarket shelves. The drinks are being sold as a healthier way to get that kick in the butt you need. Some are being labeled as 'good for the mind, body and soul' and an 'energy drink of the health club, not the nightclub.'

The drinks are promoting organic ingredients, added juices and natural caffeine. Some also claim to to have the same potency as coffee, with more anti-oxidants than green tea. Others say they have gotten rid of the 'ridiculous stuff' like artificial colors and sweeteners. All seem to promote the same goal; sustained energy. Unlike the energy drink buzz then crash, clean energy drinks say your more alert and not 'on the edge.' To me, caffeine is caffeine.

These clean drinks come as the FDA looks into the effects of energy drinks on children and adolescents. This comes after energy drinks have been blamed for several deaths. The FDA says they will take action if they can find a link between the two. That action would most likely be products being removed from shelves...I will go through withdrawals.

Red Bull, Rockstar and Monster are the leading energy drinks in the U.S.