Usually the only warning sticker on a CD is warning about explicit language...this one that poped up in London...was a warning of a different sort.

At a HMV store in London, a shopper snapped a pic Chris Brown's album 'Fortune' with quite the warning label. It reads 'Warning do not buy this album. This man beats women.' YIKES!

A rep for HMVsaid it was an 'isolated incodent' and has 'nothing to do with the store.' It appears that a customer stickered a row of his CD's with the message and left. The store of course removed the vandalized CD's immediately...but not before a picture was uploaded to Twitter.

Chris 'Blue Haired Wonder' Brown has been taking many steps away from the 2009 incident by meeting with young domestic violence victims at charity events. He's also set to release a apologetic tune called 'Don't Judge Me.'