Take it old school this Saturday in Bangor!

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Remember the good old days when you would sit with friends and family and play that old antiquated relic known as a board game? Monopoly? Clue? Life? If you have ever watched "The Big Bang Theory" you have seen Sheldon, Howard, Leonard and Raj, play Dungeons and Dragons several times. Bet it's been awhile since you did huh?

Check out Will Wheaton explaining what the event is all about.

This Saturday you can relive that experience at Husson University's Furman Center from 2pm till 8pm and best of all, it's free!

To prove that this is a legit board game event, there will be NO online, or video games.

The event is hosted by The Bangor Area Gamers Guild, Husson Gamers and SnowCon!