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Nintendo President Gets Pay Cut Due to Sales Slump
In response to Nintendo's plummeting stock and ending its fiscal year tremendously short to its projected sales, company president Satoru Iwata announced that he will now be in charge the big N for only half of his current pay grade.
Dark Souls 2’s Achievement List Has Us Dying
See that picture above? That's us. We're all going to feel that... multiple times over as we try to explore down every nook and cranny of Lordran while we're running for our lives. And why would we bother trying to explore every piece of Dark Souls II's murderous world? Because w…
GTA Online’s Crackdown on Counterfeit Cash
Surprisingly, the boys behind Grand Theft Auto 5 at Rockstar aren't as big on illicitly obtained cash as we thought they were. GTA Online has recently resumed minutes ago after undergoing a 24 hour shutdown in order to zero in on a small group of players who were "generating and distributing ga…

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