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10 Best RPGs Ever
For this list, we are only considering the classic Japanese RPG and American RPG games that defined the formula as we know it today, and even then there are more than enough good RPGs out there to make your head spin. That being said, these are the 10 Best RPGs Ever.
10 Awful Plot Twists That Ruined Good Video Games
This list of 10 Awful Plot Twists That Ruined Good Video Games reflects a collection of excellent titles whose narratives are shattered by cliche or lackluster change in its story. Ever since Super Mario Bros. 2 was revealed to just be Mario sleeping, gamers have encountered frustrating plot twists …
10 Most Abused Video Game Characters
Video game characters take unprecedented beatings constantly which is why we did a list of the 10 Most Abused Video Game Characters. They're flung off cliffs, eaten by monsters, stabbed and shot on a regular basis. But who are the ones that are really getting the raw end of the digital deal...
New Video Game Releases – June 2014
Another month has trickled by and that means a new month of releases is in store for us. What kind of goodies await us in June? Can the summer doldrums be avoided? Find out if any of the following releases in June will catch your fancy.
10 Best Mario Kart Courses Ever
With Mario Kart 8 arriving on the Wii U, we decided to take a look back at the most challenging and fun tracks the series had to offer. Here are the Best Mario Kart Courses Ever.

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