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Unusual Facebook Group All About Maine Clouds
Maine Clouds is a group that encourages you to look to the skies and observe the clouds, to find something beautiful in what can be right over our heads for most of our lives. Then share your experience with everybody around the world by posting your picture to their page.
#TBT Have You Seen Any of These Vintage Candy Commercials?
You must admit that a huge part of Halloween's appeal is the ridiculous amount of candy that floats around.  I just don't think the holiday would be that popular without it!
In honor of #ThrowBackThursday, let's take a look at what candy commercials use to look like years ago when…
We Want to See Your Halloween Decorations, Bangor!
Halloween is nearly here and we want to see your decorations.  Send us a picture of your Halloween decorations and we'll make a gallery and share it on our website and Facebook!
We want to see scary, silly or morbid -- however you celebrate the day...

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