Top 5 Maine Black Bear Videos
Maine has about 22,000 Black Bears. They can run close to 25 mph, weigh up to 600 lbs and grow as tall as 6 feet. Sometimes, they end up in your backyard or on camera. Here are the Top 5 Maine Black Bear Videos.
Hermine Has Thunder Hole Booming [VIDEO & PHOTOS]
Thunder Hole was booming on Tuesday, September 6th as Maine was feeling the effects of extra-Tropical Storm Hermine. There were high surf advisories and rangers in Acadia National Park closed the area so visitors wouldn't climb down.
Blink-182 Plays Bangor Waterfront
The pit was packed when All Time Low and DJ Spider opened the show. A variety of age groups filled the venue but nostalgia was a theme for many.
A Day to Remember didn't disappoint with a mix of older songs and their new stuff from their new album 'Bad Vibrations' which had dropped the…

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