The other morning, my Facebook notification went off. I clicked on my messages to find a group message from the owner of Bella's daycare. She was letting all the parents know that one of their friends, Wynter, was diagnosed with cancer.My heart sank. How could this sweet, innocent, beautiful little girl possibly have cancer?!? I can't even begin to imagine hearing those words as a parent. It's just not fair.

About a month ago, Wynter was airlifted to Maine Medical Center and diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. A tumor was found on her spine shortly after. It was removed, but not before causing a spinal stroke and leaving her paralyzed.

She will need many changes, adaptations, medical procedures, consultations, equipment, and long-term personal care. She is a sweet, energetic girl, full of personality, and a love of all things sparkly, whose world has been turned upside-down. But if you met her, you'd never know. She carries herself everyday with grace, strength, and a beautiful smile.

I bet you're wondering how you can help! There are a few ways:


Drop bottles and cans off at either the Brewer Rec or Brewer Redemption Center and let them know they are for the "Wynter Fund".

Money can be dropped off in the black box outside Aimee's office at the Brewer Rec or directly to Brewer Federal Credit Union. Checks can be made out to Wynter Przybylski. You can also donate to on-line here.

Thank you so much for your generosity!