Nature lovers will notice some changes at Acadia National Park, due to steep budget cuts.

Last week the feds passed a stop-gap measure that cuts another $30 million from the National Park Service. That shapes up to be a 5% cut in the parks funding, or about $390,000. Last year the park took a $300,000 cut in funding as well.

In past years, Mainers and visitors alike would be able to visit the park in a few weeks. April 15th is the park's usual opening date; but not this year. Winter closers have been extended until May 19th.

The park is still open year round to hikers and cyclists, as well as one road, but other main roads will be closed. The Park Loop Road will be closed, as well as the road that takes you to the summit of Cadillac Mountain. Ocean Drive will remain open.

In addition to road closures, the park will loose staff with the cuts. 18 positions are already unfilled from previous cuts. Now, about 17 more will go unfilled. Also, The Hulls Cove Visitor center will have reduced hours.

From April through May, about 200,000 visit the park. That's now 200,000 people whom won't be enjoying the beauty of downeast, Maine.