Brewer Police used a taser on a Brewer man who allegedly went to the police department to threaten people who were there to file a complaint against him.

According to the BDN, a group of people went to the Brewer Police Department on Thursday to file a complaint against 40-year-old Jarrod Williams. The nature of that complaint has not been made public. Williams arrived shortly after the group got there and police say he began shouting, cursing, and making threats against the people.

Officers repeatedly told Williams to leave but he refused and Brewer Police Chief Chris Martin told the BDN that the man also threatened the police. When they attempted to arrest him, police say he got in his car and tried to drive away. That's when the officers deployed a taser and were able to take him into custody.

Williams had another brush with law enforcement last year when he was arrested for allegedly threatening the umpires at a Little League game in Bangor.