I stopped by the Brewer Library on my way to work this morning to drop off an audio book when I noticed pamphlets on the counter  with the pictures of two beautiful dogs. On further inspection I read about the Dog Ears program and thought brilliant!

Great news too if you have a child who is struggling with confidence or reading they currently have space for new readers.  I inquired of the library director Katie Connor if you had to be a Brewer resident to use this program and she said no. In fact you don't even need a library card there to be eligible. This program is open to everyone.

In case like me you are unfamiliar with the program, the Brewer Public Library currently partners with two insured certified service dogs and their handlers to facilitate the Dog Ears program. Our volunteers are certified by Therapy Dogs International; TDI members called Tail Waggin’ Tutors visit libraries and schools to encourage reading. The friendly listening dog doesn’t mind if the reader stumbles over words, but sits quietly and enjoys the story and the reader’s companionship, encouraging struggling readers of all ages to practice in a non-judgmental environment. It has been proven that, over time, therapy dog reading programs improve attendees’ reading skills and self-confidence.

I love it! If you know a child that would benefit from this please pass this story along.