Hello, Week Two!

Woosh! It's been a tough two weeks. In the past week I've had some great days, and some not so great days. I find that the days I'm in more pain are because I was a little too active the day before.

I'm only 28 and in pretty great health. I'm bouncing back from this surgery rather nicely I'd say. I need to remember what my body has been through. I had two of the toughest cosmetic surgeries anyone can have, and I had them done at the same time.

Yesterday I went to see Dr. Branch. I was hoping to have my other drain removed. No such luck. I'm still draining about 60cc of fluid each day. I think the goal is to be under 35cc per day before they will remove it. Dr. Branch told me that next Monday should be the day.

Why am I so excited to have this happen? I get to take a real shower 24 hours after that drain comes out! It is going to be the best shower of my life. Sponge baths aren't that fun when it's your only option.

Other than that I'm healing really well. My incisions look great and everything seems to be right on track. I am very swollen as expected. I will be for a few more months I think. It can honestly take up to a full year for the full result. However, I'm confident that within a few months I'll be pretty close to where I want to be.

Yesterday was also my first day back in the office. Holy tired! I don't feel like I can multi-task the way I did before. I'm exhausted just walking down the hall! It's going to be a long week that's for sure. I'm sure each day will get a little easier though. The great thing is, my boss is super understanding and wants me to take it easy and do what my body tells me I need to do.

Now for the fun part! Photos! Here are a few photos from my first day back in the office yesterday. The before and after photos are still a work in progress. I need to wait until the swelling is better before I share those! I'm thinking I may be brave enough to share a belly picture with you next week, but no thighs yet that's for sure.

Meeting Jared "The Subway Guy" for the second time on my first day back
My first time back in the studio with Kid for two weeks
Stepping into my office for the first time post-op