I can't believe it's been six weeks today since my surgery!

I feel pretty great considering everything I went through. I still get tired faster than before and I'm still only able to lift up to 20 lbs at a time. I am thrilled with the result so far though. I'm obviously a little sore and swelling is still an issue, but it's improving every day!

I keep looking back at my before photos and just can't believe it! It's crazy to me how Dr. Branch and Dr. Harrington did what they did. They totally accomplished what I was hoping they would, they made the outside match the inside. Does that make sense? Probably not, unless you have lost a significant amount of weight. Either way, the bottom line is, I feel fantastic! It's incredible to be this comfortable in my own skin!!

I'm asked pretty often when I'll share the before and after photos. I'm still unsure. Obviously I want everyone to be able to see how different I look, but let's be honest, there is a reason why I had plastic surgery.

Sharing the before photos is not the first thing on my mind. I'd rather post the after photos!!! :) For now, I'll share a pic I took the other day! I'm never going to be a small person. I'm not built that way. But I don't really care. I feel a lot more confident about how I look now and that's all that matters!!!

Gotta love a good selfie at the office!

Thanks again for the kind words and encouragement along the way! You guys are the best!