Raise your hand if you like to exercise! I can't see you, but I'm going to bet that you didn't raise your hand.

I don't LOVE going to the gym. Getting there is half the battle for me. I also get bored pretty easily so that doesn't help at all. My answer? Workout with a personal trainer who KNOWS HER STUFF!

Today I had my first personal training session with my friend Wendy. I've known Wendy Watkins for a few years now. She is a Wellness and Fitness Coach and the co-owner of Bangor Brewer Athletic Club in Brewer. She's the best! She's exactly what I want in a personal trainer. She's motivating, positive, friendly & fun! I'm not looking to be yelled at. I don't respond well to that type of "motivation' at all. However, I'm sure can do that for you though if that's what gets you going!

Wendy took the time to find exercises that are right for me. There are certain things that I shouldn't do because of an old ankle injury. I had ANOTHER SURGERY this past May, and I don't feel any better. Wendy has me doing certain exercises that are going to strengthen my muscles that I don't really use because I favor my left side. Today was only DAY ONE of our training sessions together and I'm super excited to get this ball rolling.

What am I looking to accomplish? My #1 goal is to get stronger and re-train my body to use muscles that I haven't been using since my injury. Obviously I'm also not going to be sad to drop a few pants sizes while I'm at it either. With that being said, I know that I need to work even harder when I'm not at the gym at paying closer attention to what I put in my mouth! You can't work off a poor diet people!!!!

Keep checking back to our website for weekly updates on how I'm doing. I'm also going to ask Wendy to share some of her secrets! Don't worry, this won't be all about exercising either. I'll be cookin' up some of Wendy's recipes and sharing those with you as well! Stay tuned! In the meantime you can also check out her website for her latest blog post!

What have you done to make yourself healthier today???? <3 Sabrina